What is it?

The municipality Beekdaelen works with eIDAS: the European electronic identification and trust services. For more information on eIDAS.

The municipality registers data of its inhabitants at the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). It is possible that you need an extract of the information in the Basic Registration of Persons. The extract always contains information about your name, address and date of birth.

Request the extract at the municipality where you are registered.​

Request extract (BRP) with eID (eIDAS)

What do I need?

Digital request

  • Your eIDAS credentials
  • Your credentials for online banking

Personal request

  • Your valid identification
  • Cash or a debit card

Written request

  • You write a letter explaining why you need the extract
  • You need to put your signature on the letter
  • A copy of your valid identification

Authorizing someone else

Write a letter stating the following:

The person you have authorized needs to bring the letter to the municipality, together with the following:

  • Why you need the extract
  • The name of the person you want to authorize to retrieve the extract for you
  • Your signature
  • The signature of the person you want to authorize
  • A copy of your valid identification
  • The identification of the person you have authorized

What are the costs?

Costs of an international extract: €14,40

Extra information

Indicate the reason why you need the extract to make sure you receive an extract with the information you need. 
If you need the extract for a foreign authority, it is possible to receive it in multiple languages.

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